4.6.14 Focused Attention (Mark 11.12-25)

Jason Schubert, Associate Pastor.  Click here to download the file!

In preaching my Sermon on April 6th, 2014, I made an error in the communicating of the details about two churches in Memphis TN. I want to give you the correct details here. The church that at first refused to admit the African-American worshipers was Second Presbyterian Church. After they later changed their practice to welcome African-Americans into their church, a group from Second Pres. who did not want the worship services integrated, split off to form a new church called Independent Presbyterian Church. Second Pres. eventually ended up being a part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Independent Presbyterian became part of the PCA. Both churches participated in the time of public repentance and reconciliation a few weeks ago with those that they turned away from the doors of the church. If you want to read more you can do so here: http://www.pcusa.org/news/2014/3/27/repentance-and-reconciliation/  

Also you can read a public statement of repentance from the Session of Independent Presbyterian Church here: http://mail.indepres.org/media/May13Sessionwords.pdf